Art gallery opening night preview Creative clothes collection from petite to plus size.

Designer outfits to wear to art gallery

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Art gallery opening night preview – creative clothes collection for petite to plus size.

Art galleries are fantastically creative places to be and invariably provide us with a chance to meet other like minded souls who have a passion for the many forms of art available. Each gallery will have its own style and for some of us this will heavily influence us in what we choose to wear – both at the previews and opening exhibitions and at the quieter times throughout the rest of the time the exhibitions are held. Others of us will always remain true to our own creative identity and just dress in whatever we feel most comfortable.

Some galleries seem to engender a sense of awed respect and we tend to lean towards a more subtle form of dress – black! There is some theory that this is out of respect of the art work on display – after all we would not want to clash with it nor detract from its beauty by being too bold and audacious.

Other galleries have a much more bohemian feel and will inspire the most flamboyant part of our soul daring us to be wild and adventurous – something for which many artists themselves will feel a certain affinity as the creative souls that they are. For others of us who are not actually artists but arts appreciators – it is a time when we can find that inner artist and perhaps push out the boat of self expression and do something a little different. Art galleries are brilliant platforms for wearing something a little different from a creative collection This collection caters for women of all sizes from petite to plus size.

The Coat

Style: Art Coat
Fabric: Silk Satin Viscose
Color: Black and Ghostly Swirls
Other colours available to order, some variations shown
Size: to order petite to plus.
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