Silk evening outfit in two pieces

Long Silk Coat and Elegant Gown evening outfit for Ascot

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Ascot Royal Enclosure Dress Code Silk outfit

According to Moss Bros advice for the summer season: “Nowhere is this emphasis on tradition more evident than in the dress code. If you’re a patron of Ascot’s Royal Enclosure, only a morning suit will do. This classic suit was created in the nineteenth century, when horse riding was a common form of morning exercise for the Victorian gentleman.

For ladies in the Ascot Royal Enclosure, off-the-shoulder or halter-neck dresses, and those with a strap of less than an inch, are considered unsuitable and not permitted attire in the Royal Enclosure – as are miniskirts. Midriffs must be covered and trousers suits should be full-length and of matching material and colour. Hats are, of course, obligatory and the Royal Enclosure is famous for a fantastic display of millinery over five days.

This elegant outfit in two pieces has been created from very dainty silk georgette fabric that has been hand marbled for the dress and hand painted and hand pleated silk for the coat. A romantic outfit that is perfect for all those special summer occasions including Ascot and evening wedding dinners and parties, a luxury cruise or for an unusual wedding outfit, whether for the bride, her maids of honour or the mother of the bride. The dress is lined with white silk and tiny beads decorate the neckline and the straps. The tailcoat has beaded bands down the front and across the shoulder as well as all around the hem giving weight and movement to the coat.

The Coat

Style: Tailcoat
Fabric: Hand painted and hand pleated silk.
Color: Lime Green – a soft fresh combination of yellows and greens hand painted.
Other colour available to order.

Size: to order petite to plus.

The Dress

Style: Danuta dress
Fabric: Hand painted silk Georgette.
Colour: Lime Green – a soft fresh combination of yellows and greens hand painted.
Size: to order petite to plus.

The outfit in this picture is a medium size. It can be made through the size range from petite to plus size. For the plus size the coat needs more panels than the regular sized garment so will be slightly more expensive. There are many other colour choices available.

Dramatic headgear is not limited to the ladies – a top hat is essential and must be worn. Gentlemen are required to wear a top hat at all times when within the Royal Enclosure area other than within a private box or facility. In the late nineteenth century, when Lord Harris wore a brown bowler hat to Ascot, Edward VII is reported to have taken one look at him and loudly enquired, “Goin’ rattin’, Harris?”. Morning suits also remain extremely popular in the public enclosures of the General Admission and Silver Ring areas, though not essential.”

Part of the summer season is the Henley Royal Regatta – for which there is a dress code and to quote from the Henley Royal Regatta site: ‘Those attending the Regatta in the Stewards’ Enclosure must dress in accordance with long-established tradition. Gentlemen are required to wear lounge suits, or jackets or blazers with flannels, and a tie or cravat. Ladies are required to wear dresses or suits with a hemline below the knee and will not be admitted wearing divided skirts, culottes or trousers of any kind. Ladies are encouraged to wear hats. Similarly, no one will be admitted to the Stewards’ Enclosure wearing shorts or jeans. Members are particularly asked to bring this custom to the attention of their Guests, to ensure that the standards are maintained and to avoid the possibility of embarrassment of a Guest being refused admission.”

They go on to say that there is not a dress code for those attending, but not in the Stewards Enclosure, but are encouraged to enter into the spirit of things.
Another suggestion is that very large hats should be avoided as a large hat might obscure the view for someone who wants to watch the rowing.

Then there is racing at Goodwood – a must for the summer season. In the Richmond Enclosure, ladies are encouraged to wear hats at the Festival Meeting. Gentlemen are required to wear jackets and ties, cravats or polo neck sweaters. Linen suits and the archetypal ‘Goodwood’ Panama hat are traditionally worn by gentlemen as Characterised by Edward VII in the early twentieth century. Jeans and shorts are not permitted at any meeting. In other enclosures dress is informal. Bare tops and fancy dress are not allowed in any enclosure. Due to the terrain at Goodwood and areas of decking, stiletto heels are not recommended.

In total contrast as part of the summer season there is the Chelsea Flower show which is held every year in the grounds of the Chelsea Royal Hospital by the Royal Horticultural Society. If you are lucky enough to be invited to the preview along with the Royal Family and then to the charity gala in the evening, you will have a fine excuse to wear something decoratively floral in tribute to the occasion.

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