Plus size designer outfits for a summer romantic evening luxury cruise

Romantic silk summer outfit

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Luxury silk outfit for the plus size woman, on romantic summer cruise.

Sitting out on deck in this plus size silk outfit watching the world cruise by, sipping champagne, remembering delectable and exquisite tastes at the captain’s table, a long satin silk viscose outfit that keeps you enveloped in the warmth of the day. A plus size woman not only feels but looks luxurious and seductive wearing this plus size outfit while on a romantic summer evening cruise, you could not go far wrong in acquiring such a stylish designer outfit. The outfit is perfect womens clothing for dancing the night away. This luxury clothing can be used in many ways, the top can look great with trousers, as can the skirt be equally fantastic with a dressy top or more casual tee shirt, all flattering the plus size woman. An elegant silk two piece which can be described as a sensual plus size designer outfit that has all the elegance and luxury of the most exotic cruise locations in the world.

Plus size designer dresses; outfits for a luxury evening cruise

Regardless of whether you are enjoying an exotic evening luxury cruise in the golden light of the Mediterranean, or being wined and dined on the terraces of an English summer garden, this plus size outfit is elegant easy to wear clothing. Available in many womens sizes suitable for the plus size lady or the smaller woman, sylph like mermaids! Outfits for exotic on shore dining? – this simple outfit reflects the peaceful paradise of bohemian chic hideaways or glamorous high luxury resorts. Off shore dining? Enjoy being entertained in style wearing this beautiful designer plus size outfit, listening to other travelers’ tales on board your luxury cruise liner or amongst friends in a more intimate environment of the yacht.

Luxury silk rippling in the breeze of a South Pacific Asia cruise.

Enjoying the warmth of the Pacific sun, riding the waves of the deep crystal blue ocean, savoring the gourmet lifestyle and relaxing on a delux cruise ship exploring Asia and the Orient. Could be the perfect way to throw your cares to the wind. Every hard working girl deserves a luxury vacation traveling in luxury and style. It is just a case of where in the world do you go? And what delectable outfits do you wear? And where do you find that special luxury silk clothing? And who do you want to go with? Romance and intrigue in far flung places, feeling gorgeous and exotic, making your cruise experience unforgettable.

Onboard luxury cruise or Pacific shoreline glamour – soft flowing silks for plus sizes

Regardless of whether you are a sun worshipper, love daring adventure or prefer to stay within the comfort of your own friendly cruise ship, this plus size outfit can not only look glamorous but is comfortable to wear. Larger ladies requiring luxury plus size outfits or smaller women needing a less generous cut, the shape will compliment any size or shape. The square cut neckline is brilliant for showing off a jewel necklace or two maybe purchased on your luxury cruise around the South Pacific and Asia. The clever elegant styling disguising the rounder figures allowing the wearer to feel as exceptional as she looks.

Cool silk outfit for hot tropical Caribbean cruises

Maybe you have chosen to take a trip of a life time and are going to indulge yourself in a bit of luxurious pampering by going on a cruise around the Caribbean. Palm trees on white sandy beaches, waving beyond the ripples of blue sea imbuing a sense o calm and peace. Taking a trip to the shores of the small and intimate paradise, dining in one of the many exotic restaurants, or visiting a friend or two. In a part of the world where comfort and luxury are expected attributes of every day, this silk outfit makes an elegant statement in a carefree world.

Elegance suitable for the fuller figured lady or the more petite.

Every woman wants to feel elegant, confident that she looks beautiful regardless of whether she is dressed up to go to a posh ball or is holidaying in far flung destinations where cultures and lifestyles move at a different pace. The luxurious soft feel of this silk outfit is a perfect but flexible two piece which can be worn on its own, ornamented with some beautiful jewelry or scarf, or dressed up with an elegant velvet wrap or coat. For further options please see the other plus size designs. As with all our designs, this can be made in a multitude of other colours, please inquire.
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Plus size to petite clothes for a romantic honeymoon cruise.

This is a perfect outfit for a plus size bride to wear on her romantic honeymoon cruise making her feel feminine and elegant. Regardless of whether you will be on a honeymoon cruise through the extraordinary landscape of the Norwegian fjords on board a romantic steam ship to renew your marriage vows, or whether you on an exotic river cruise through the wine regions of Europe, this silk satin outfit will be a welcome comfort in the cool breezes of the European late summer evening. Maybe you are like us in wanting to avoid the crowds in the height of the hot season, so prefer to travel in the spring or autumn. In which case a outfit like this would be perfect to go with the clothes that you choose to take on your romantic cruise.

This stunning outfit is perfect for many occasions, a romantic honeymoon cruise, the mother of the bride, any lady who wants to look feminine and elegant, but also be comfortable on the day so that she can enjoy the partying. It is a romantic look that is creative and unusual making a change from the traditional tight fitting suites more often worn by the mothers of the bride or groom. It is light and cool to wear, softly flowing elegance. The slim fitting skirt and a simple camisole top are worn with a generous over-blouse that is made in a rich satin fabric that has been devore printed to give interest to the outfit without overwhelming it with too much detail. The devore print is one of irises and iris leaves. A soft feminine look flatering the plus size woman and perfect for the formal occasion on your romantic honeymoon cruise.

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