Luxury fabric remnants for sale

Fabric remnants blues film costume
Fabric remnants blues film costume

We are clearing a space by selling off a collection of remnants that we have accumulated over the years.  So we are holding a fabric remnant sale specifically for film and theatre production costumes or set design.  These are luxury fabric remnants that really need to find a purpose rather than cluttering up a small printing table that we need to be able to use for shorter lengths of fabric.  So I have started just sorting out some in groups of colours as recently requested.  I will be adding more as and when I can get the photographs done.  Fabric lengths and prices will be added as quickly as I can get my head in focus! 
Prices are reduced between 65% – 85%.  Sizes will be put on here in the next couple of days.

Blue section:

No.  15  a fairly heavy weight ribbed cotton in a rich blue and printed in gold.  £18 per metre

No. 16 is shadow printed with red under the gold – slightly offset to give an interesting dimension.  £25 per metre

No. 17 is printed with a copper print – viscose/cotton —- £16 per metre

No. 18 – printed gold viscose cotton – £16 per metre

No. 19 – viscose/cotton – printed silver —- £16 per metre

No. 20 – cotton/wool (a bit like vyella) printed with silver.  — £12 per metre

Fabric remnants for theatre productions

Fabric remnants greens costume theatre
Fabric remnants greens costume theatre

These fabric remnants are perfect for theatre productions.  They are bold and created on pretty robust fabrics and are perfect for the rough handling associated with theatre work.

No. 1 – dark green silver print – satin viscose/cotton  — £16 per metre

No. 2 – soft lime green – phantom print. — £16 per metre

No. 3 – soft lime green – crackle print in gold. — £16 per metre

No. 4 – heavy satin – tones of green with a deco cube print in gold – shadow print? – £32 per metre

No. 5 – viscose/cotton – dark forest green – copper print – £16 per metre

No. 6 – heavy rib silk in dark green — £20 per metre

No. 7  and 8 – viscose/cotton – dark green – gold print — £16 per metre

No. 9 dark green satin (has a soft feel)  gold print. £25 per metre

Fabric remnants drama opera golds ginger orange
Fabric remnants drama opera golds ginger orange

Opera drama fabric remnants in golds, ginger and orange.

Nos 1, 2 and 3  Rich gold satin – printed with gold. cotton/viscose  — £20 per metre

No. 4 – viscose cotton satin is tabacco printed with gold crackle print.—£25 per metre

No. 5 – heavy satin – bright orange shadow printed with gold. — £32 per metre

No. 6 7 and 8 – viscose cotton printed with gold — £ 25 per metre

No. 9 – cotton/wool (a bit liky vyella – bright orange with all over print. — £12 per metre

No. 19.  Dark chocolate cotton/viscose satin printed with a pewter motif.— £25 per metre

fabric remnants pastels feminine performance costume design
fabric remnants pastels feminine performance costume design

Pastel colours for feminine performance costume designs.

Nos. 21 and 22 – viscose cotton in a soft aqua colour.  One has a stripe print in silver and the other an all over print in silver.  £16 per metre

No. 23  – soft pink with a silver all over print – viscose cotton — £16 per metre

No. 24 – smokey mauve with a silver print – viscose/cotton — £16 per metre

fabric remnants purple mauve royal drama
fabric remnants purple mauve royal drama

Royal purple drama fabric remnants

No. 11 – Heavy satin in a rich mauve – gold flecked print – viscose/cotton — £25 per metre 

No. 12 – lighter weight viscose satin  lustre pink (a mauve kind of pink) with a copper print.  £16 per metre

No. 13 – heavy cord weave cotton – this has painted insets within the print and the whole piece has been stressed and tarnished to add age.  It does not show up this detail well on this snapshot.  Purple – not as blue as it looks with a bold gold print.— £25 per metre  (ON HOLD)

No. 14. – heavy cord weave cotton – again more purple than it looks.  Shadow printed in gold over red.  This was made for lining campaign tents for a Charlemagne period film!  £25 per metre (ON HOLD) – there might be another piece of this lower down the pile!

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