Fine Art Tapestry Wall Hangings

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Pleated Silk Tapestry – Approximately 3m x 3m – Photograph Charles Lester


Tapestry wall hanging exhibition shown at the Leighton House Museum London. This fine art wall hanging is just one of a family of unique fine tapestries.

The title of this tapestry is taken from a bowl of faded old fashioned roses – crumpled and delicate – soft gentle colours that should never be discarded. These faded flower colors have always been a major source of design inspiration for the Lesters.

Silk Tapestry as an Art Form.

The fine art tapestry is made from hand painted silk which has been finely pleated by hand. These dramatic art pieces take many weeks to make. They are an unusual and unique decorative wall hanging that turns an empty space into something that moves with the light throughout the day.

Tapestry and Textile Museum in Wales.

The Art Gallery at Leighton House in London was the very first formal venue where this collection of tapestries and wall hangings were shown to the public. It is hoped that very soon Charles and Patricia will be able to have a permanent Museum in Abergavenny, Wales where they will be able to show these works of art that are made using the unique medium of hand painted and pleated silk that has been their hallmark in the world of fashion for many years. The Lester Museum in Wales will also hold exhibitions of other artists’ work and be an interesting place to visit throughout the year.

The models are dressed in examples of the Lester’s evening wear – simple columns of hand painted and pleated silks worn with sumptuous velvet gowns.

On the easel is an impressionist style picture showing light through trees. The picture is made from the same pleated silk.

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