Golden wedding anniversary evening dress

Golden Wedding Anniversary Gown

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Elegant and sophisticated evening jacket.

A fashionable colour for the coming season, dramatically rich in the metallic shimmering gold of the silk and the fluidity and organic nature of the pleated fabric. Perfect for a bridal dress with a gold theme, an award ceremony such as The Golden Globe awards, a Golden Wedding celebration or just because you love the colour gold. The dress, being made from our signature pleated silk, is structured so that the shapeliness of body is emphasised with the swirling of the pleats at the waist in the front, but at the back of the dress the fabric falls straight down the back to the floor. The full elbow length sleeves soften the simple lines of the dress and the hem of the sleeves is gently frilled. Simple toning beading adorns the neckline.

Style of the evening gown:

Princess Roxy
Fabric: Hand pleated silk satin
Colour: Treasure gold
Farbic: Hand pleated silk satin.

This is a very special couture collection. Rare pieces that are not available anywhere other than from the studios in Abergavenny. We can make this dress is a variety of colours, perhaps rich reds for a ruby wedding anniversary, or a colour we call ‘silver rainbow’ for the silver wedding anniversary – any jewel colour in fact – or through the subtle combinations of colours for which the Lesters have built a reputation for the uniqueness of their work.

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