Past Stockists of Charles and Patricia Lester Collections

Bergdorf Goodman Christmas window
Over the years Charles and Patricia have been sought out by some of the most prestigious and well-respected stores and specialty boutiques in the world. The journey began about 35 years ago when they supplied a tiny shop in Bath which specialised in stocking unusual and unique work created by artists.

Their first big store was Liberty in London. At the time they were the first ever artists/fashion designers whose work was featured in ALL of the windows in Regent Street. The exotic window displays were part of the International Silk Convention held in Liberty’s. The couture buyer from Bendels in New York saw the display in Liberty’s and invited Patricia and Charles to London to discuss Bendels carrying the collection. Once in New York many other major stores wanted to place orders. By the early eighties the business had become well- established and was growing rapidly.

Since this time, we have changed the emphasis of the business completely preferring to offer the 1-2-1 bespoke experiences for individual clients. If however you have a boutique and would be interested in applying to provide our specialist services to your customers, then do get in touch.


Hugo Nicholson – Montreal,   Toronto

Milli – Ontario

Holt Renfrew






Daisy – Munich
E  Braun – Munich
Klamotte – Frankfurt
Sio Dam – Frankfurt




Joseph – Paris


Corso Como – Milan
Galassia – Rome
Il Raro – Milan
Raffaela Curiel – Milan


Arte Lavoro
Isetan Company Ltd


Bu-rae Dang


Al Ostoura – Kuwait


Three fat men – Tri Tolstyaka


Ambers of Amersham – Buckinghamshire
Emma Plus – Brighton
Emma Somerset – London and other major cities
Fortnum and Mason – London
Jenners – Edinburgh
Julie Fitzmaurice – Harrogate
Liberty – London
Harrods – London
Lucienne Phillips – London
Charles & Patricia Lester – London
Smiths of Bath
Ballroom – Cheltenham
Veronica – Duke’s Lane Brighton.


Augustina – California
Bergdorf Goodman –  New York
Capriccio – Scottsdale,  Arizona and La Jolla California
Dreamweaver Collection – Massachusetts
Helen’s of Course – Beaverton, Bellevue, Seattle
Mary Jane Denzer – White Plains, New York
Neiman Marcus – Dallas and other major cities
Sophy Curson – Philadelphia, Fort Lauderdale
Stampede – New Mexico
Stanley Korshak – Dallas
The Rafaels – California
The Zentner Collection – California
Village Set – Illinois
Wilkes Bashford – San Francisco, Silicon Valley
Forgotten Woman
Henri Bendel – New York
Lord and Taylor – New York
Barney’s – New York
Saks Fifth Avenue – New York
Takashimaya – New York
Janet Brown
Linda Dresner – New York and Chicago
24 Collection – Miami
Lisa Todd – Fort Lauderdale
Gallery of Wearable Art – New York
Maxfield – Los Angeles
Obiko – San Francisco
Lou Lattimer – Dallas

Did you used to buy from any of these stores?

If you would like to know how and where to buy the Lesters’ collections now, or find out about any events near to you, please do get in touch letting us know where you are and about the things of most interest to you.

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