Where to buy

The Design Studios

At our Studios in Wales

The biggest collection available anywhere resides in our studios in Wales. Whether you are looking for something for now, or thinking about some event in the future, this is by far the best option. We invite you to come and play, feel the garments for real and try a variety of textures, colours, styles, patterns and designs. It not only enables you to see the vast selection available but also to seek out the rare pieces that are not available anywhere else.

The experts are here too including Louise, our colour, print and fabric specialist, and Debbie who organises the making up of garments. If you are lucky, you might meet Charles and Patricia too.

If you can get here to try a variety of things, then that always helps you (and our team) get to know what looks good and feels great. Even if you don’t buy straight away, we at least have the opportunity to make a few notes about which styles you love, and then when you need it, a new outfit is just a phone call or email away.

Online shop

The second biggest collection is available on our online shop charlespatricialester.com. It is in the process of being upgraded to offer better navigation, simpler options and an easier shopping experience. That said, it is still able to provide a very wide selection of options. In the meantime please bear with us while we make those changes. If you need any help at all then please do call us on +44 (0) 1873 853559. More information about what is available on the online shop can be found here.

Liberty of London

There is a small selection available in Liberty of London. Their assistants are available to help you choose something special. If you cannot find exactly what you need then you can place a special order through them or come direct to us.

Liberty of London
Regent Street,
London W1B 5AH
(entrance can be found on Great Marlborough Street).

Telephone: +44 (0) 20 7734 1234 during store opening hours.

Email: customerservices@liberty.co.uk

Opening hours

Monday to Saturday 10 am to 8pm
Sunday 12 to 6pm

Personal Shopping

They also have a private shopping service details of which you can find on their website.

Telephone: ++44 (0) 207 573 9944

Email: privatesuite@liberty.co.uk

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