Journalists, Editors, Stylists and Photographers

In the time that Charles and Patricia Lester have been in business, they have worked with and been featured by some of the top editors, journalists, photographers and stylists the world. These journalists are themselves known for their extraordinary vision and expertise. This group of people reach far outside of the UK networks and have incorporated fashion, home, design, arts and a few other topics besides.

Below is a selection of some of these talented individuals. Some are still leading the way in the world whilst others have moved on to new pastures or sadly passed on. They have each made a significant impact and left their own legacy to inspire future generations.

Grace Coddington – American Vogue
Hamish Bowles
Cindy Palmano – Photographer (Sunday Times, etc.)
Suzy Menkes – Herald Tribune and Vogue International
Paula Deitz – Hudson Review
Robyn Beech – Photographer
Nilgin Yusuf
Hilary Alexander – Telegraph
Liz Tilberis – Vogue
Jane Mulvagh
Lucia Van Der Post – Financial Times and
Quintessentially Magazine
Michael Roberts – Photographer (Harpers)
Francesca Fearon – Hello
Lucille Grant
Beatrice Miller – Editor British Vogue
Bill Cunningham

Meredith Etherington Smith – Harpers and Queen
Charlotte Pilcher
Isabella Blow – Tatler
Ann Chubb
Sally Bain – Women’s Wear Buyer
Lisa Armstrong – Telegraph
Lucinda Chambers – Vogue
Sophie Hicks
Liz Savage – Brides
Francine Vormese – French Elle
Lowry Turner
Jane Mulvagh
Elaine Deed – Epicurean Life
Carla Sozzani – Italian Vogue
Anna Harvey – Vogue


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