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Summer Sale in Sunny Abergavenny

A glorious variety of beautiful clothes for that special wedding, a gala night out, a private party.

The almost perfect items looking for a loving home, a cancelled order, an outfit just too difficult to re-make because something happened in the painting process making it totally unrepeatable and wonderfully different – you’d never know they weren’t examples of perfection itself.
Many unique pieces, results of adventurous experiments, tests and trials that are not a part of the normal seasonal collections.
Many of you will be all too familiar with our regular sales and relish the chance of rummaging amongst the rails of real treasures searching for that perfect outfit for the perfect occasion at the perfect price.

Something new – Clearing cluttered corners, dusting off a few bags of forgotten treasured fabrics – these are being sold off to those of you who enjoy the art of patchwork and needlecrafts. There may be one or two bargain bags of buttons and bits for you to play with.

Opening Times
for the Abergavenny Studios
Monday to Friday
10.00am to 4.30pm

10am to 4pm




Enjoying the London Sunshine
Sale at:

To be anounced

At the same time as the SALE in our studios – we will be holding a sale in our Retail Showroom. Here too there will be some amazing bargains. We are having a major clearance to make room for a new project so there will be opportunities to purchase many pieces that might otherwise be only for dreams.

There is something for everyone – rare and collectable pieces, works of art as well as the timeless collections that seem to go on forever. Petite to Plus Size designs – day, evening, special occasion, Bride, Mother of the Bride.

Daywear–Eveningwear. Lightweight silks for going to the races or bejewelled gowns for dancing the night away at a ball. Summertime outfits for holidays, garden parties, openings and galas. Winter warming garments for chill evenings, travelling to colder climes, or being organised for late season activities. Gifts for friends. Scarves, shawls, herb bags, silk gift boxes and sumptuous scarf pouches.


Lester creations in film

“These Foolish Things” starring Lauren Bacall, a film adaptation of Michael Sadler’s book, will soon be a part of our repertoire of experiences in the world of film. Lauren, glamorous and as elegant as ever, is seen sweeping on and off screen wearing a variety of Charles and Patricia’s wonderful designs. On display, in our studio, are a couple of designs shown in the film including an exotic ‘Opera coat’ – a luxurious full length, doubled layered velvet coat, with an extravagant pleated velvet collar – sheer decadence suitable only for a real star performance.



Large and Lovely
Lesters clothes in Harrod’s Plus Collections.

We are delighted thatHarrods now have a good collection of our Plus Size outfits in their Plus Collections Department. The assistants in the department are fantastically helpful and enthusiastic. They are more than willing to guide you through special orders if you can’t make it to our shop down the road.




Contact Details
Charles and Patricia Lester
The Workhouse Studios,
Union Road,
Abergavenny, Monmouthshire.
Tel: 01873 853559
Fax: 01873 858666

Plus Collections, Knightsbridge, London. 0207 734 1234 Our Collection in Harrods




Mailing list
If you know of anyone who would be interested to know about our activities then please get in touch. Please help us to keep up to date by correcting any errors in your details.



Guided tours of our workshops.

You can visit our studios on any weekday but we also accept small groups by appointment. These group trips are more extensive as we talk about how we started, our work and what inspires us, coupled with demonstrations of printing etc. If you would like to organise a group yourself or take part in one of the locally organised tours please ask. Included in these guide tours are trips to Alison Tod the award winning milliner and G. J. Kilbride's silk weaving workshop. He recently produced the vestments worn by Dr Rowan Williams for his enthronment as the Archbishop of Canterbury.



Wales Studio Transformed.

The working studio has been transformed into a more permanent exhibition and showroom space and is open Monday to Friday throughout the year should you wish to see the collection. Many of you enjoy the opportunity of coming to the Workhouse studios, on a regular basis, to see what gems and jewels you may be able to discover. Anything from scraps for patchwork, a wisp of a scarf, to a complete ensemble. As an added incentive we always have a sample rail available

Textile displays

We have a huge collection of textiles, both examples of our own work and rare antique pieces, or work by other artists. We would like to open a proper Museum of Art and Textiles, so we are taking the first steps by displaying a variety of things from our own collection in order to establish that people would find it interesting enough to visit themselves, attend the informal talks and recommend or bring friends to see a great variety or textile art, stained glass art, paintings and antique textiles.

Our collection of textiles has been a lifetime passion, and except for the pieces that hang on our own walls, most are hidden away in cupboards and drawers throughout our house and the studios. There is too much for one exhibition, so our intention is to show different collections throughout the year. Anything from our large collection of Egyptian collage pieces, to antique lace, jewellery paintings, stained glass and the very large tapestries made from our pleated silks. Added to this, the clothes and set pieces that are part of our film and opera work.




Shop On-Line

Having been bombarded with techno speak from web nerds in every corner we feel really clever now that we have begun to expand and develop our on-line shopping facility. We are putting a huge emphasis on our Internet shop – we can’t ignore the exciting explosion of Internet activity and are happy to jump on this cyber bandwagon. The great thing about this is the accumulation of a huge variety of customers and friends from around the world. The community of Lester fans and customers is ever expanding. For this reason there is likely to be considerably more activity. We are also looking at the possibility of selling on on-line auctions for selling off bits and pieces. We feel that as we gain confidence in this we will be able to sell the especially unique collectable pieces too.

The on-line shop is allowing us to show pieces that can be ordered from a selection of styles and colours and there will also be a ‘virtual’ sample rail where you might find the perfect outfit for a special occasion at a dramatically reduced price. Anything from a sample scarf for as little as £12.00 to an entire outfit, including the silks, velvets and pleated silks.

We are hoping that this will develop into a veritable department store where you can wander through and window shop at any hour of the day or night. It is a secure site, so shopping will be a worry free experience.

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