Long fashionable satin prom dress

Romantic satin long prom dress

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Young fashionable long prom dress

A phrase that has crept into the language is ‘prom dress’ – now widely used to describe the dress worn for the first formal ball that a girl is invited to. Pageant dress, prom dress, ball gown – all evoke images of a young girl becoming a woman and wearing her first long glamorous grown up dress.

The first ‘prom’ is when a girl can wear the dress of her dreams – she will fantasise about the corsage, whether to wear it on her wrist or her ankle and whether is will perfectly match her partner’s boutonniere.

Flattering young prom dress

This is a very flattering young prom dress perfect for the young woman who is going to her first major ball. Our dresses are created one at a time in silk that as been painted, printed and made in our studios in Wales. This prom dress is one of a kind as our dresses are individually created..

The prom dress is made from a firm shiny satin fabric that has been hand painted in a strong vibrant tone of pink and then printed with metallic silver in a print inspired by the acanthus leaf. The fabric is printed off-centre giving a fashionable asymmetric line to the design. The heavily beaded straps cross over at the back where the bias fall of the dress gives a revealing deep V to show off the elegant line of the back of the dress, which falls to the floor into a train. Style of this flattering young prom dress is called ‘Rebecca’.

The Prom Dress

Style: Rebbeca Dress
Fabric: Hand painted and hand printed. Brilliant pink with metallic silver print.
Color: Vibrant Pink – Hand painted.
Print: Acanthus Leaf. Other colours and prints available to order.

Size: to order petite to plus. The dress in the photograph has been taken on a size 10 mannequin. The dress can, however, be made in a range of sizes with the larger sizes needing a small adjustment to the design to accommodate the extra width at the hip.

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