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Designer Red Carpet Events Plus Size Dress

We all have ‘red carpet’ events in our lives – it might be the one and only time when we are the centre of attention at our own wedding, or touch on many occasions when we take the lead role in an important event. For all these occasions it is important that we wear a designer dress something that is not only perfect for the occasion, but also a dress that is very comfortable. So whether sophisticated slender, or glamorous plus size the chosen dress must complement the grandness of the occasion.

Red carpet events happen every now and then – from the simplest walk down the aisle of the church when you get married, the plus side of this special occasion is that you are the centre of the ceremony and celebration – to the grand size event – the whole trumpet blowing occasions where celebrities are expected to look the part of supreme glamour and poise.

What to wear for the red carpet Bafta opening night, creative clothes collection for petite to plus size.

We have seen our clothes worn by stars when walking the red carpet at the Baftas – some we know about because they have commissioned us especially to make something for the occasion and at other times it comes as a surprise because we had not known that the celebrity had purchased one of our gowns. This creative collection flatters women of all sizes from petite to plus size

The Bafta ‘red carpet’ event is the largest size award ceremony in Britain for the recognition of talent in the film and television industry. Plus it is always fascinating to watch and a thrill when we see something of ours clothes worn by a celebrity on that red carpet opening night.

The outfit is available in a range of colours with variations possible – just call and discuss your preferences.

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