Pleated silk evening coat and womens long gown

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Silk Coat and Long Evening Gown

An elegant and luxurious womens’ evening coat and gown comprising of a stunning evening and long silk gown. The fabric for both pieces has been carefully hand painted, with a shadow print on the coat and hand pleated. Something extraordinary for that special day, perhaps a second wedding, an occasion to show yourself as an elegant lady of quietly sophisticated taste. The coat moves in ripples of luxurious hand pleated silk and yet falls gently over a simple pleated silk gown. Long sleeves on the coat finish in a daintily frilled at the wrist. The simple two piece worn under the coat consists of a sleeveless little vest top and a simple long skirt.

A three-quarter-length hand pleated and hand printed silk coat – the pleats are swirled on the yoke to give an interesting feature at the shoulders. The print design is inspired by reflections of light on water – the colour is lifted leaving a shadow of pattern which echoes the swirling and movement of the coat. The coat is beaded around the hem, which gives swing to the coat. The coat in the picture has 8 yards of fabric around it making this particular coat suitable for a plus size. The smaller woman can special order a similar coat that has fewer widths of fabric for a neater fit.

Pleated silk coat

Style: Venice coat
Fabric: Hand painted and hand pleated silk.
Color: Rich Emerald green – other colours available to order.Other colours to order.
Size: to order petite to plus.

Two piece

Style: New vest two piece
Fabric: Hand pleated silk.
Color: Mallard – other colours available.
The top is daintily beaded around the neckline – keeping a simple and beautiful background for an important jewel.
The outfit is available in a range of colours with variations possible on the style of top to go with the skirt – just call and discuss your preferences.

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