Silk evening gowns

Silk evening gowns

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Silk Dress

This is a slender fitting long, sleeveless pleated silk gown suitable for a special and exotic day wear occasion, or for a glamorous ‘red carpet’ event. The V neck and seductive line of the shoulders makes this a perfect style to carry an important piece of jewellery without either piece of art conflicting with the other. The beading subtly tones with the colour of the dress – delicately sewn around the neckline and across the shoulders. At the hem beads are sewn up the lengths of the pleats to give sensual movement to the dress. This dress is best on small to medium size as it is neatly swirled at the waist to emphasise the balanced proportions of the body.

The Dress

Style: ‘Mary Louise’
Colour Silk Evening Gown: Mallard
Fabric: Hand pleated silk

Although we suggest that this dress is best for a smaller size, but it can work well for the larger sizes as long as the figure has good proportions, often larger women avoid a fitted garment, but that is a shame if they are in fact just larger and in proportion.

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