Elegant luxurious pleated Venitian Coat and silk Rebecca Dress


Womens Plus Size Silk Coat and Dress

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Heavily beaded pleated silk jacket

An extravagant coat in hand pleated silk with the pleats stitched into swirls at the yoke. These coats come in varying sizes and can have as many as 9 yards of silk around the hem. The hem is beaded in bands up the length of the pleats giving a sensual fluid movement to the garment.

Details of the womens silk evening dress and luxurious pleated silk satin coat.

Coat name: Venice Coat
Color: Shades of rich blue and purples hand painted.
Print: Reflection.

The Elegant Silk Evening Dress

Rebbeca Dress
Gown outfit color: Dark Welsh Slate

A long evening gown in hand painted silk crepe back satin. There is no added decoration allowing a space for a beautiful jewel, or wearing it simply as a jewel on its own.

The outfit is available in a range of colours with variations possible – just call and discuss your preferences.

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