We are so much more than fashion…

We are so much more than fashion and trends and things that date us or our style. I don’t just mean as a business, I mean as women. We are more than fashionable accessories, trendy clothes and designer label perfection. We are more than the icons of glamour projected by style magazines. So much more.

Any woman who has tried the online dating scenes will no doubt have been confronted with the barrage of men’s fantasies of luscious arm candy that make their egos shine and their pot bellies and flabby spirits transform into ripped super-hero six packs. Men are of course more than muscles and wallets just as we are more than arm candy.

Any woman who has clashed with glass ceilings or those clusters of suits who rule boardrooms and boy’s clubs, know only too well that we have to be more than lipstick and high heels to be successful.

Our craving to be seen for who we are, means we have to find those people who have a true appreciation for the strength of the feminine spirit. We are so much more than how we appear however what we wear is an open declaration of who we are inside – boldly individual and authentically true to ourselves. We have a choice –  following our heart or hiding our identity behind a mask of conformity. There is no wrong or right way. We are who we are. Be that as followers of the people we admire or lone warriors traversing this world as independent thinkers carving paths where no-one has been before.

The luxury of being in a business such as ours means that we get to meet the superheroines of our era. They are not always the ones that people will think of first but more often the unsung champions of a more traditional existence far from the celebrated worlds of stage or screen.

The media and journalists always clamour to spotlight the rich and famous; the celebrities who are perpetually primed to be pimped out to a hungry audience lost in their own fantasies of fame and fortune. However we as women are so much more than the paparazzi flashes of glinting smiles posing behind the masks of falsities and fakery. Our role in life is so much more than perfectly-posed toned thighs peeking out of fashionably split skirts.

We as women are so much more than that.

There are of course many stereotypical moments of mopping brows, cradling a child, nurturing, healing, cleaning, rocking, cooking and mothering. The passionate lover, the Amazonian warrior, the lioness and the vulnerable little girl who will also all be campaigning for change, standing up for what is right and supporting causes that are far more than the nucleus of her little family.

We are the heart of mankind living in service to our collective empowerment, freedom and love. We are so much more than expensive silks and high maintenance beauty treatments but we appreciate the hours of love and labour that has gone into crafting superlatively beautiful perfection.

We are the keepers of dreams. The artist painting visions of a happy world full of joy and peace while singing of love, healing and compassion. We get up and strive for better despite the betrayals, failings, the quirks and idiosyncrasies of our modern existence. We hold the space for all that is good despite being surrounded by wars that rage for oil, gold and egoic supremacy. We are so much more than baby bibs, girly sleepovers and mascara. We are certainly more than botox and boob jobs.

We are the bringers of change. The champions of human spirit waging war against fashion that sentences us to years of self doubt, questionable self-belief and feelings of inadequacy because it is not in our nature to just conform. Too much of the fashion world wants us to don the beige uniforms of black, grey and middle road mediocrity. We deserve colour.

Here we celebrate the indomitable beings who grace our presence with their formidable ability to succeed no matter what. The magnificent women who lead the way by standing centre stage in their own worlds commanding respect just by being themselves. Every day we celebrate the wrinkles, scars and beautifully perfect imperfections curving their way through life as they strive for perfection with remarkable resilience and good humour. Their beautiful vulnerability revels in the knowledge that pain and grief can always transform into love, smiles and hugs again.

We are so much more than fashion trends engineered by corporate giants designed to make money. We are so much more than the discarded mannequins lying on the heap of cliches and unfashionable ideas, make-do-and-mend trends waiting for a vintage revival giving us permission to smile and shine once again.

An empowered  woman does not shrink from stepping centre stage to perform the lead role of her own choosing displaying every facet of her magnificence. As she steps into all that she can be, she helps others to step up and rise with her. A successful woman not only strives to achieve her dreams but she takes everyone else with her too.

Our clothes are a part of who we are. They are expressions of our inner being that is always going to be colourful, dynamic and pulsing with love and vitality. We are brilliantly vibrant human beings after all. The clothes we wear illustrate how we feel about ourselves and the role we play. They can be filled with kaleidoscopic fires of passion and determination or the subtle reflections of dancing light of free skies and open oceans. We can hide or display our truths. Our choice. Our path. A liberated woman will dare to bare the colour of her soul. Her heart on her sleeve, the fire in her belly and her lust for life. We love to help those women shine.

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