The Art of Charles and Patricia Lester

Charles and Patricia’s story is unique, their successes exemplary, and their art inspirational. Their creations are rare having never been mass-produced. Each piece is carefully hand-crafted in their studios in Wales by a select team with well-honed skills. Their art pieces are created using techniques which have been invented and evolved by Charles and Patricia themselves. As such, their work is collected by museums and galleries around the world, including the V&A and the Ohio State Institute.27-faded-flowers-1024x1024

Colours and textures in the world around them form a central part to all that inspires them to produce work that they do. Observations of the subtle nuances in tone and touch enable them to create unusual pieces that are sensual both to feel and see. They have a huge library of photographic work, which forms the basis of how their designs and techniques evolve. They have always pursued a level of excellence, constantly refining techniques and methodologies to ensure that the quality of workmanship continually surpasses itself. They work independently and are purposely unfollowers of fashion so that they retain a high standard of design and craftsmanship.

Over the years Charles, a physicist by training, and Patricia, a secretary, have become a unique design team. They are known for their artistry and their ways of using unconventional techniques for decorating and structuring cloth. Their lack of training in the field means that they challenge the conventional routes to produce traditional work has allowed them to invent and develop original ideas without the constraints of tutored knowledge.

Out of these inventions they conjure up their unique collections of sculpted art for the body and the home, objects that are intimately crafted in the old-fashioned artisan way with their hands and their imaginations. This offers the fantastic opportunity of carefully crafting pieces very specifically dedicated to individual needs and wants ensuring that each piece is perfect for them.

The unique combination of being able to choose from a select range of delicious fabrics, the huge range of possibilities with colour, pattern and texture means that each person can have something that no-one else in the world can ever have.

Customer experience is paramount. This incorporates attention to detail, friendship and following a philosophy of care, compassion and service. We love what we do and we love to offer the best that we can.

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