Luxurious Wearable Art for Women

Luxury pleated silk dress

Charles and Patricia Lester create sensual products that are a delight to look at, wear and touch. Their sumptuous women’s wear often portrays the spirit within, embodying the colour and vibrancy of each individual.

The real life experience of seeing, feeling, and touching different styles and fabrics is an integral part of a woman’s decision process when choosing to invest in special outfits for herself. It forms a part of the theatre of dressing up for exceptionally special events. Women are actively encouraged to freely explore and play with varying ideas and combinations enabling them in some instances to don the persona that they aspire to be when they enter the outside world.

The designs are created for comfort as well as to enhance the natural feminine form. Patricia has always designed for body shape not size. Flexible and stylish, the Lesters cater for a variety of women taking into account not only their body shapes but skin tones, colouring and lifestyle.

Oftentimes they can help with the many self-image issues that plague women today. By cleverly shifting emphasis from so-called problem areas and framing attributes they create an overall sense of celebrating the woman in all her beauty and glory – naturally and gracefully, without corsets or psychological constraints.

Size is irrelevant; however, understanding body shape is crucial. The fashion industry has a tendency to treat us all as if we have been manufactured using the same moulds and as such expect us to be able to pick and choose our clothes according to an oversimplified numbering system. But we are not mass produced. We are all individuals born with a unique set of genes and crafted by life, and as such we are as uniquely individual as our fingerprint.

Evening Wear

Whether dressing up for a party at home, walking down the red carpet at a big awards event or donning a stylish evening gown to dance the night away in one of the most prestigious ballrooms of the world, feeling great is just as important as looking like and making you feel that you belong. A selection of evening dresses are available from stock. If you don’t find something suitable, then we can make something especially for you.

Luxury Wedding and Bridal Wear

Simple, elegant, classic and different, the Lester’s bridal wear is renowned for being special. Delicate rainbow pastels or bright and bold, there is something for every woman who chooses not to go for the big white frock. The dresses offer sophisticated elegance for second weddings, mature brides or for the blushing young women walking down the aisle for the first time.

With their hallmark originality, the designs for weddings dresses have a timelessness about them leaving a lasting memory of the day that brides and their friends and family can look back on with pride. Most importantly, we can create something that is as unique as you ensuring that the most important dress of the day makes you feel exceptionally special.

Mothers of Bride and Groom

Mothers of Bride and Groom

The spotlight is of course on the bride (and groom) but the mother of the bride is fairly centre stage too. It’s an emotional day and every mother (of both bride and groom) is going to want to look their best whilst being able to effortlessly deal with whatever they need to on the day. Finding something that is stylish and incredibly comfortable and easy to wear is a must.  

Winter Wool Jackets

Winter Wools

A serendipitous moment brought us this new collection of jackets, wraps and cardigans. The ‘happy accident’ happened when a beautifully fine woven wool cloth was mistakenly put through a process that turned it into this luxurious felted wool cloth.

Perfect to go over an evening outfit, to wear to weddings over a silk two piece or casually with a pair of jeans to go shopping. Versatile, cosy and smart. There is a limited supply of this fabric so once it has all been made up, there will be no more – not unless by some miracle we find another supplier of this particular fabric which we have so far failed to do.

Luxury Bespoke – Beyond Couture

This is the most superlative of services in which we not only hand paint fabrics for your outfit, but pertinent details can be incorporated into the design and creation of any garment requiring that extra special attention. Detailing might include unique combinations of fabrics and colours, different prints as well as the more delicate stitching, swirling and decorative beading work. The journey of creating such a piece is intimate and very personal to you ensuring that you not only have a work of art but something extraordinary to be passed down to the next generation.

Clothes for Cruises and Holidays

Simple, graceful and colourful, a collection of outfits that are easy to wear and easy to pack for those luxurious holidays in warmer climes. When enjoying the open ocean holidays on cruises and traveling between destinations then it is important to have a flexible collection of outfits to take with you. Something that will not only be perfect for the day time sauntering on deck or around the towns but that is elegant and comfortable to wear when dining and dancing through the night in hall and ballroom.

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