The Lester’s Textile Art for Interiors

Textile art for interiors is one of our fortes. We are able to create fabrics that will complement a variety of styles, eras and cultures. We can create a gilded and ornate something in the highly decorative Baroque style as readily as simple and elegant somethings in modern and classical minimalist styles.

As with our fashion designs you will always find something unusual – from the traditional to the classical, modern to quirky. As well as the luxurious fabrics we also create art pieces to complement the home including sumptuous cushions, bolsters, bed spreads, throws and covers, exotic screens and framed silk art. Amongst these collections there are also the larger exotic silk tapestries and wall hangings which are as inspired as any impressionist or abstract oil painting.

What we can offer

Everything is created individually so we are well placed to customise fabrics specifically for each project, including being able to create any colour palette that is unique and specific to individual interiors projects. With a vast range of our own print designs and types, there are plenty of alternatives to choose from to ensure that customers have something that is rare, beautiful, and unique to them.

There is of course a range of fabrics that are available from our stocks, although we are likely to be limited to smaller quantities – perfect for adding to an existing project or for smaller interiors pieces.

How we can help you

There is no single way for a project to begin, other than having a conversation about design ideas and objectives. We have the ability to create special design portfolios that can incorporate colour swatches, fabric samples and a selection of images to illustrate what is possible.

Working with you we can create a selection of fabrics for different purposes ensuring that the finished collection encapsulates the stories and themes for your design project.

Each piece of fabric is painted individually before being taken through the various printing processes. After this more colour may be applied and it can then be made ready for delivery. As such each piece takes time but it is time well spent.


There is no limit to the range of colours we can produce and in a huge variety of combinations. Many of our pieces are reminiscent of the canvas of an impressionist artist, offering a depth unlike other more readily available textiles. In fact we don’t know of any other company that can offer what we do.

Print Designs

There is a large range of designs that we print ourselves in our silk screen printing workshops. All designs are created by Charles and Patricia so what you will find here is not available anywhere else in the world.

Our expert printer can provide most designs using a variety of techniques many of which have been developed by the Lesters’ innovative approach. There are the metallics – gold and silver – which can be bright or stressed to give an antiquated patina to the fabrics. Then there are the more subtle ‘ghost’ or misted printing techniques that give a much more ethereal feel to the cloth. We also use the more traditional silk screen printing techniques such as pigment and dye printing.

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