The beauty of Emeralds – nature’s colour

My passion for butterflies and moths was my first thought when a colour scheme of emerald was requested this week.  Nature’s colour palette provides us with such an extraordinary variety of colours and shapes.  Butterflies and moths show so many that are perfectly beautiful and also can be rather strange.  Look at the wings with a microscope and you see the amazing neatly layered tiles of iridescence. As for the beauty of emeralds – the gemstones – just perfectly glorious colours and rather mysterious in the way the light plays with the different tones of green.
The beauty of Emeralds
The beauty of Emeralds
The butterfly shown in this group is one of many with this name – as well as moths.  Now for the fabrics: On the right-hand side is pleated silk that has been painted in tones of emerald and then printed in order to remove the colour in the pattern.  It has then been hand pleated. On the bottom left is a heavy satin painted in rich greens Centre top is a picture of a section of satin which after being painted has been hand painted with a type of bleach to remove colour.

Pre-Raphaelite art inspiration

Lady and the roses luxury interior art
Lady and the roses luxury interior art
My title picture, lady and the roses, is a lovely example of Pre-Raphaelite art.  Perfect from which to draw inspiration for our luxury interior art. The bed cover is made up of squares of silk hand painted and pleated.  The backing is a deeper colour on crepe-back silk satin with a gold stripe print. The cushions are a mixture of cotton velvet double printed.  The orange cushion is made out of vintage silk velvet which we printed with a gold design. The fabric in the bottom left-hand corner is some green damask printed with gold.
Lady in Emerald green - textile art for the home
Lady in Emerald green – textile art for the home
Another fine painting by Rossetti – such an amazing clear green dress so beautifully painted. The main picture shows another piece of pleated silk with a phantom print. Bottom right are snippets of silk – the bolder print in the centre is ‘shadow printed’ to give the illusion of depth to the gold print.  The second is a piece of silk noile that has a daintier print in gold. The left-hand corner is rich coloured satin in tones of green with highlights of tan.

Nature’s gift of inspiration for textures and colours

Leaf textures inspiration for textile designs
Leaf textures inspiration for textile designs
We constantly draw inspiration from nature and the texture of these leaves as well as the colours are nature’s gift of art. Silk hand painted and pleated is the main picture. Bottom left-hand is satin in deep green with a silver print.  The design of this was inspired by acanthus leaves.
Raindrops on leaves nature's jewells
Raindrops on leaves nature’s jewels
What a glorious colour combination in these leaves that have been be-jewelled with raindrops? The main picture is a small rug created by Georgina using a traditional method of rag rug making, but instead of rags she uses strips of velvet.  This is the most sensual rug on which you put your bare feet!  A wonderful colour palette of vibrant slashes of emerald green, rich purples and hints of rust turns this rug into what we call ‘floor art’. The fabrics in the corner are cotton/viscose satin – painted and printed.
Yucca inspiration for colour and texture for luxury sensual home
Yucca inspiration for colour and texture for luxury sensual home
I love the colours in the shadows of plants. The main picture is of the silk pleated bedspread with a mix of emerald green velvet lying on the silk.

Luxury interior textile art

Luxury velvet cushions Luxury velvet cushions Emerald cotton velvet cushions, a silk pleated bedspread, a table cloth in mushroom ‘gill’ coloured satin and a green ceramic panther.  The colours are captured in the bevel glass screen made by our daughter Georgina.  This adds an interesting dimension of the hard medium of glass to the sensual luxury of the interior textile art pieces. Painted Bubble art inspiration for interior design Painted Bubble art inspiration for interior design Bubbles intrigue me – the extraordinary way that the colours move in marbled patterns, change emphasis of colour,  gradually almost completely disappear and finally pop – it is gone. The main picture is of a patchwork velvet bedspread made out of many hues of emerald, with touches of purple and golden green. The silk satin, in the lower corner, is painted in a rainbow mix of muted colours and printed with a design inspired by butterflies and chrysanthemums.
Luxurious emerald green velvet bedcover
Luxurious emerald green velvet bed-cover
The beauty of emerald as a colour with all it variations are shown in this decadently luxurious bedspread.  These bedspreads, bed-covers, throws and comforters, as well as cushions and pillows, can be made to commission in any colour-way to go with a chosen themed interior design project.  
Pleated silver velvet for extravagant touch of luxury
Pleated silver velvet for extravagant touch of luxury
The pleated velvet is very difficult to achieve but once done it is really beautiful to wear – it is wonderfully luxurious as a comforter.
Luxury velvet throw for bespoke interior design
Luxury velvet throw for bespoke interior design We have a large and varied selection of interior art pieces and accessories ranging from very large wall hangings made out of the pleated silk, to bedspreads, throws, cushions, lavender pouches.  We are constantly chasing  new ideas  such as quilted throws and some new experiments with crushed and quilted silks and velvets. We are always exploring new ways to colour and texture fabrics using craftsmanship rather than the modern way with digital printing and other sophisticated technology.  Our work is about the skills of hand-crafting using traditional techniques as a base then pushing out the boundaries by ignoring tradition and taking other routes.  There is always something new to learn and develop and we are never averse to making mistakes because those mistakes often lead to a new and exciting process or skill.
Super luxury velvet quilted and beaded
Super luxury velvet quilted and beaded
For some more ideas and images with details see: For our fashion collection – there is a selection in Liberty’s in London as well as a huge variety at our studios.  We welcome visitors who want to see more of what we do and happy for them to ‘play’ with the clothes and fabrics.  

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