The eyes of the world can’t resist watching the fairy tale romance and magic of British Royal Weddings. Who can blame them? Harry and Meghan’s wedding was a delightful parade of all the tradition and romance. What seemed to be different about this wedding was that it was so much more about the eclectic diversity of culture and individual style rather than a crowd conforming to the trends of the day.

Meghan’s dress was beautifully simple and elegant. The wedding guests in their chosen outfits was an amazing display of different designers and unique styling. Long gone are the days where we have to be seen to be wearing skirts of a certain length or donning the typical uniforms of wedding guest attire.

The enjoyment of colour should be part of everyone’s life and if it is colour that a bride wants for her wedding then we can create a gown in any colour that she has a passion to be married in.  The traditional white gown often ends up in the back of a wardrobe – not so with one of colour.  A colourful wedding gown can be worn many times without being out of place at all sorts of functions.

As always, at these events, there is much discussion about the wedding, the dress, the cost to the taxpayer and on and on. But all other things aside, what a refreshing change to watch a happy loving couple getting married, with all the amazing pomp and ceremony that the British do so well. Did we all weep watching the exuberant and joyous crowds cheering them on?  What a wonderful blast of happiness thrown into our lives which relieved the continual negativity that pervades the media these days.

The dress – well I thought it was lovely in its elegant and understated style.  Maybe there was symbolism in the simplicity and the delicate mistiness of the veil.  Had they thought that deeply that it should be a reflection of an ordinary girl marrying her charming prince – but the encrusted crown of diamonds confirming her new status – who knows? 

The simple bouquet and the hairstyle slightly loose were perfect and natural looking.  Some said the dress did not fit properly, but the fabric, the style and the occasion would have dictated that the poor girl would have to be comfortable and also be able to wave to the crowd without being restricted by too tightly fitted sleeves.  And the fabric did not crush like the crumpled paper of Princess Diana’s dress – it looked pristine throughout the day.  Too much lycra is used these days to give that unforgiving body shaping.  This was not a day for lycra – it was a day for the luxury of pure silk.

What I did enjoy, more than anything, was the wonderful fashion parade.  How fabulous to see hundreds of lovely clothes that were not ‘red carpet/reveal all’ completely sex orientated.  Elegant ‘anyone can wear’ clothes and lots of glorious and diverse hats were there to enjoy.  One hat in particular, worn by Kate the Duchess of Cambridge, really appealed to me – I loved the flowers tucked under the rim instead of plonked on the top.  I did think some hats were selfishly chosen when you see poor Elton John hidden behind a big tilted hat.  We could sit there and marvel at the elegant simple polka dot dress worn by one of the guests and gasp as the green leprechaun outfit adorned with old fashioned Christmas crepe paper frills.

I loved Doria Ragland’s outfit and our hearts went out to her sitting quietly, on her own, so gently serene and dignified – I wonder what thoughts went through her mind on this beautiful surreal sunny day in the grandest of ancient English Castles in a land far far away!  And wasn’t it special to see our own Royal Prince of Wales take her hand to lead her to the vestry for the formal signatures.

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